Monday, April 8, 2013

Former Athletes Who Knit

I might become one of those athletes who start knitting since they can’t train.

Wait a second, I don’t want to knit.
I have no skills to knit.
I want to be a triathlete.

Except, no space-aged helmet please. 

I'm injured. Poor Me. 

Maybe my first mistake was thinking I could trail run as a winter off-season activity. Maybe I thought a 50K trail run was a good idea. Maybe I’m suffering now because I’m never satisfied. 

I always want to go longer, push the limits, and try new things. Maybe I can’t do this anymore….
Woe is me.

But I also think there just may be a lesson in here somewhere. Right now I just want to be angry…. I want to find the lesson. I don’t know what the lesson is yet.

I can’t run but I can ride.

I can’t run but I can swim.

I can’t run but I can do the elliptical.

I can’t run but

I can go to physical therapy. I can learn about how to make my body stronger and fight this thing they call aging. This is my new nemesis. Aging. 

I will fight it all the way.

I’m going to ask my physical therapist how I can fight aging by becoming stronger.

I will not knit.
I will not stay still. 


  1. Why do you "want to be angry"? How is that going to help? You are a triathlete. Do you think that you're not? Sometimes it's good to take a break from things for awhile. It helps you appreciate it more when you can get back at it.

  2. awesome, kristin. i love the visuals. you are a great writer and have great insight. and let yourself be angry if that is how you feel. i am guessing that you will go farther and find what you want by being honest with yourself, rather than pretending. tracy a. wood