Thursday, February 20, 2014

24 Hours in the Old Pueblo Race Report - Team 147

February 14-16 2014 will go down in my endurance racing life as the first time I camped comfortably and raced in pain (back pain). But overall a great racing weekend and ignited my love of 24 hour racing

Our 5 person team contributed to many good times. Rudy secured a campsite on Friday morning that would be home for the weekend. 

We lived on NiteRider Rd for three days:

We all knew it was going to be a warm weekend with temperatures reaching high 80s so we were prepared with water and sunblock.

For some of our team it was a racing challenge for a personal best and some it was to enjoy the outdoors and race well. For me, this was my second year racing and I my goal was to complete four loops. 

I opted for being the 5th rider and my first loop started in the daylight and half way through I had to turn on my bike light. My first loop was great. I love riding in the dark. 

My second loops started 2:47am. I actually felt good at the start but suffered back pain the entire 1:39 loop. I knew I was done racing about half way through this loop.

Rudy off on the bike on the first lap of the day.

The weekend was great despite only finishing two loops and I know I’m hooked on being outdoors, mountain biking, and maybe, just maybe will do more camping.


  • Actually enjoying sleeping in a tent
  • Hanging out with awesome friends
  • Fastest Loop to Date: 1:27
  • Cheering on the fast riders, silly dressed-up riders - all day long
  • Dunkin Donuts coffee each morning by the food vendor
  • Riding with the “Be Nice” crowd, there were so many nice riders out there
  • Free beer from Sierra Nevada at the end by the Rock
  • Listening to the spectators encouraging everyone to “rock jump” after the Big Rock
  • My favorite swag bag item: Free Loaf of Bread from Beyond Bread
  • I really love riding “the bitches” in daylight and in the dark. They make you breathless but you recover fast if you’re in shape.
  • Sitting at camp chatting with Rudy and Pam; talking about our lives and the next adventure
  • Our Team completed 17 Laps! 


  • Back Pain
  • Seeing the Naked Rider
  • Seeing the guy with Cholla covering him towards the finish; why didn’t he stop and remove it? 

I can't wait until next time.  

I took much more pictures. If you would like to see them, friend me on Facebook
Here is a great video I found on YouTube from the weekend: