Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Ride The Divide – Movie Review

I saw the movie a few months ago as a recommended documentary in Netfix. 

I clicked to put it on My List so I might watch it. On Monday night I couldn't sleep and clicked to start watching it at 10:00pm. I couldn't stop; it was a great story about people who decide to race the Continental Divide Trail from Banff Canada to the Mexican Border in the Rocky Mountains for a total of  2,700 miles. The ride has 200,000 vertical feet of climbing and all I could think during the entire movie  – what an adventure – what an amazing, awesome adventure.
I liked the interviews before the ride started and how the film crew tried to find them at the beginning. I loved listening to the stories from the riders who were scared to death of wildlife and shaken to their core from riding tough terrain.

I liked that some planned this race and some jumped in last minute. However, my favorite story was Mary Collier. She rode 2,709 miles in 29 days. I loved her honesty about how sometimes it just sucked being alone for days at a time. And, how sometimes it was just awesome to be alone in this magnificent landscape. I would have liked to know more about the training they did before the ride and what they did to recover after, but that is just me, wanting to know training details.

I enjoyed the stories and the music. I will watch it again. Would I ever do it – the best told stories make you want to, make you think it’s possible. It’s fun to think about. 

One truly tough ride and you can’t help to think if you could do it. Maybe. Some Day.

PS I found this with the log of Mary Collier's call in notes. Very interesting to read.