Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Ironman Wisconsin and Being Tested

12 days until Ironman and everyone is testing me; the universe is testing me. I have so much going on, mainly in my head, and I wonder if I’m going to make it to September 8. I think I will. 

I know I will.

But the tests, I can do without.

I have been thinking about September 8 a lot. Will I make it to the start? Will I make it to the finish? I don’t know. What if it rains? 

I haven’t biked in rain for a very long time. 

What if it is too hot or too cold? Goodness gracious, how my mind works. 

What I do know is that Ironman Wisconsin is my last Ironman for awhile; I have so much more to do. 

I want to run 50 miles. I want to write another book. I want to try new things. I know that I will compete in Ironman again – specifically LakePlacid. I love training; but today, this week, I don’t love training.
I’m burned out and yet ready for the next thing.

But for now, I love walking my dogs and hoping they don’t get into any trouble. Two weeks ago Daisy wondered what a rattlesnake in the dark smells like.

Winnie likes to smell cactus.

Barrel Cactus

And I get in trouble for not picking up poop. What else could go wrong?

But I have a plan.

I always have a plan. 
And it always involves these crazies:
Daisy & Winnie