Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Analyzing Ironman Race Times – What Is Possible?

Now that three weeks have passed since Ironman Texas and my post Ironman blues have subsided I have been comparing race times and wondering if I’m improving in any way since I started this Ironman craze seven years ago.
My wise friend Mark told me I should compare Division Rank instead of time to analyze my progress at the Ironman Distance. So here is my Division Rank for each race: 

Div Rank
Wisconsin 2013
Texas 2015

I have been training for the Ironman distance since 2008. I was living in Colorado at 8,000 feet while training for my first two Ironman races. Going down to lower elevation for those races really helped my performance.

The months leading up to Ironman Wisconsin in 2013 turned out to be the worst training blocks to date. I was living in Tucson so I didn’t have the altitude training to help me on race day. Injuries and Ironman cockiness [I’ve done two already; piece of cake.] were contributing factors to a less than stellar performance in Madison.

Training for Ironman Texas was the best training to date. I put in the time and was glad to finish feeling so well despite the heat and humidity. Placing 31st in my age group I see the progress that is possible when you put in the time and train well without distractions.

I’m setting my sight on Lake Placid in 2016. This time I will make it to the start with no distractions. I occasionally wonder if I have it in me to qualify for Kona. I think every triathlete has dreams of Kona at some point while training and racing. I don’t have the $10,000 bike and I don’t have 9% body fat. I’m not a fast swimmer or runner. 

My Dream Bike
But could I be? Could I figure out a better bike? Could I get lean enough to be a contender?

Get Lean! 
I’ve been reading a lot of blogs and my mind starts running about how I could do it. I’ve been reading Crushing Iron and I have to admit that Mike’s post really make me think that anything is possible. He’s going for it why shouldn’t I.

Maybe I’ll go for it. Maybe I’ll try to get in the Top 10 in my age group at Lake Placid (if I get in). Who Knows? It’s fun to think about and plan.

I always love a good plan.

Monday, June 1, 2015

2015 Mileage: Swim, Bike, Run

In my triathlon training log I keep track of miles. 
Here are my training and racing numbers, so far, for 2015.
January 1, 2015-May 31, 2015

Swim - 82,170 yards (46 miles)
Bike - 1,669.70 miles
Run - 547.46 miles

Hours by Week 1/1/2015-5/31/2015
In 2014 my goals were:
Swim: 75 Miles 
Bike: 5,000 Miles 
Run: 1,500 Miles 

And, I didn't quite get there due to bike crash and motivational issues.

However, for 2015 my goal is to meet and surpass these numbers. I'm not half way there yet even with a season of Ironman training except for the swim. 

I will get there. I'm ready. It's going to be a fun, hot summer with many bike and run miles.