Sunday, April 16, 2017

Easter Bike Ride - A Flat Near Bow, NH

I went out on my second bike ride in New Hampshire this Easter morning. 

I couldn’t find my CO2 inflator, I thought it was in one of my bike pockets, but I did find my mini bike pump and carried it with me. 

My goal was to ride to a new town. I was heading toward Bow. 

I almost got to Bow before POP my tire went flat.

The roads in around Concord have frost heaves and it feels like a back tire flat. I had checked the tire pressure a few times and it was the road.
However, after climbing a hill and then descending my rear wheel popped and my tire was out of the rim. Scary but made it to a stop okay.

No worries I thought. I got this. I had a spare and my bike pump. Since I’m out of practice riding and replacing a tube it was slow going and I had a tough time getting the tire back on. A man on abike rode by and asked if I was okay, and I asked if he could help me.

I’m okay with asking for help.

He helped me get the tire back on the rim on and let me use his CO2 and inflator. 

Done - wheel on the bike – all ready to go except that one minute after my helper rode away, it was flat again. Crap.
I started walking. 6 miles back home. I tried calling my friend Jeff but he didn’t answer his phone. I thought about my options and remembered there is this awesome thing in cities called A TAXI!
This is what a shortened bike ride looks like:

Now I’m working on my bike and trying to figure out what happened: a hole in the replacement tube. I am working on my bike and cleaning it up – Yes, Mark, it’s very dirty and I’m going to take better care of her.

Here’s my work area, in the sun room off the kitchen. 
I just bought this new bike pump. My old one was 13 years old. It was time. 

I’m going to be better about taking care of my bike and hopefully never be stranded outside of Concord again.
It was a beautiful day riding around Concord before the flat. All the routes are very hilly and great scenery. I can't wait to see the landscape when it become more green. I'm excited for all the bike routes. 

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