Sunday, October 18, 2015

Moving Back To Colorado & Stegner Quotes

“Let’s not forget who we started out to be, or to be surprised that we have not yet arrived.” Wallace Stegner

I will be changing the header image and the “about” section of this blog shortly. Three years ago I had to change it from the Colorado mountains image to a Southwestern Arizona image. It's currently a picture of Leadville, Colorado, a race I aspire to do in the next few years. 

I will be changing it to a Grand County, Colorado photo in a few weeks. 
I look up Grand County in Googlemaps and find the new house I’ll be living in. It is a short walk to the Colorado River.
Water – Oh I have missed flowing water since living in Tucson. People who know me here have heard the repeated complaint. When it gets to the point of complaining too much it’s time to fix the complaint. So I'm heading back to Colorado, to cold and snow, to the flowing Colorado River. 

Daisy, picture above is from Colorado. I think she is happy to come back. Winnie doesn't know what a river or lake is.

I read the quote above from Stegner for the hundredth time as I look through journals this morning. Journals filled with racing plans, training plan, promises of running 30 miles one week and eating right, promises of hiking in Sabino Canyon and Mount Lemmon. Journals filled with quotes from great stories and books. Quotes to become a better person and quotes to help me remember good times.

The Stegner quote is a truth – I have not yet arrived to the person I want to be.
  • I still want to have an 11 hour Ironman.
  • I still want to have a 5:30 70.3.
  • I still want to finish a marathon in every US State.
  • I still want to be involved in writing, editing, learning every day, and telling stories.
Maybe this change of landscape will help realize a dream or two or three.

Plus I'll get to ride in Rocky Mountain National Park with this guy:

Maybe, then, after realizing some of these goals I will have arrived and be able to say, what a great journey.

It’s been pretty amazing so far.