Saturday, November 26, 2016

What's next - looking forward to 2017

I’m taking a break from triathlon.
After training and racing for 10 years I am not going to race in 2017. 

Actually, maybe I should say I’m not training or racing in 2017, I think, maybe, I’m not sure.

I just know that triathlon has taken over my life in a positive way for many years and I may just want to ..... spin, swim, take a yoga class, join CrossFit, start personal training, bike for fun or something else ..... this coming year.

Ironman Arizona was a great day. Such a great day. I love that day. Nov. 20, 2016. A coming together of so much gratitude and a realization of the family I created with friends.

But, I want to do other things for a while.

Ironman Lake Placid was a best day, best weekend, for so many reasons: friends, family, memories, redemption, and so much more.

Now, I want to write more. I want to read more. I want to get better at my job.

I’ll be back. There are more races to do. I WILL race Ironman Barcelona. Maybe one day Kona.

For now I’m going to bike and swim when I want to. I will run a 50 miler in 2017. I know it. I will cross off Texas and Maine from my list of marathons in 50 states.

For now, I will write every day. I am thinking of a run streak.

So many possibilities. That’s what I love about this life – you never know what will appear after the next curve in the road. So much to look forward to.