Monday, October 20, 2014

Duke City Marathon Race Report - Albuquerque, New Mexico

Monday morning post-marathon status update: My legs are sore.

This weekend was quick. Drove to Albuquerque Saturday morning and drove back to Tucson Sunday afternoon.

Pre-Race Beer in Pet Friendly Albuquerque - Kelly's Pub
Race day started without a hitch. I got to the start line 10 minutes before the race (a big plus that you can park close to the start and no buses). 

Start Line 7am Oct 19, 2014
When the gun went off the song playing was Chariots of Fire which took me off guard because it is such an emotional song. I started the Duke City Marathon with tears running down my cheeks.

The course starts through downtown and heads towards the Rio Grande Nature Center State Park and bike path. It was a perfect fall morning. Cool temps made the first hour of running feel easy. 

I stayed with the 4:30 pacer from the Albuquerque Road Runners for the first hour but once I stopped to get a gel out of my CamelBak I never caught up with them.
The only hills on the course were towards the 13.1 turn around point and they were due to bridges and connectors. There were a few spectators along the path with cute signs.

Aid Stations – I loved seeing the Junior ROTC kids from the local high schools at the aid stations. They were very serious about handing out Gatorade and water; they did a GREAT job!

I didn't run more than 16 miles in my training for various reason I won’t bore you with, so I knew the final 10 miles would be tough; and they were. I tried to speed walk when I had to walk but mainly it was a slow pace. I didn't wear a watch or Garmin.

I feel like I finished strong and while the time was a disappointing 5:08, I still feel good about the race. One of these days I’d like to finish closer to 4 hours. It’s all about the training…..

Post race analysis - I always forget how emotional I get racing endurance sports. When I sign up for marathons and triathlons I think ‘I've done this before - piece of cake’. Marathons aren't easy and never will be. Ironman is hard. Both are extremely emotional for me at the start, in the middle, and the finish line.

I’m writing this more for myself to remember to train harder and remember not to take anything for granted in this life. 

Nothing is easy – 
everything, everything takes work, perseverance, and patience.

I’m so thankful for my friend Missy who came with me and eased the stress of travel and pre-race anxiety (I always forget about that too). It was 7-8 hour drive each way and it was more fun with Missy who understands my irrational worry. Thank you, Missy.

Duke City Marathon Lodging Recommendation:
Stay at the host hotel for shuttle transportation to the race. I didn't do this but the marathon expo was held at the host hotel and it would have been nice to stay there. I didn't see many hotels near the start so you have to have a car if you stay near the airport which is a short drive to the start.

Race Day Tips: It’s not a huge race so parking near the start isn't a problem. Bring your own nutrition - no GU or food of any kind at the aid stations. Aid Stations were every two miles. 

#50marathons50states - 3 states completed: Colorado, Arizona, New Mexico