Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Living in the Capital City, Concord NH

I'm finally here - back to New Hampshire.
I found a new job, new home and new running routes.

After spending 7 weeks in Rye, NH spending time with my family I moved to Concord this week.

I have to say the city is pretty cool.

I live walking distance to work, the library and the State Capital building.

Life is good here albeit snow and rain for the last week that hampered plans. Despite all the good things happening to me I can't believe what is going on in our world: Syria, Trump, the environment and so much more.

I'm getting back to my training plan and writing but I'm also going to get more involved in making change. We need to get our state, country and world to where it needs to be. That means less death, war and environmental degradation.

We all need to do our part and I will do mine. I'm trying to figure out a way through writing and endurance sports. Stay tuned.

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