Sunday, May 9, 2010

Hiking with Views of the Continental Divide

I wrote in one of my outdoor columns this month that I'm inspired by the Continental Divide. The last two mornings I've been hiking straight up the mountain behind my house to a spot where I can look down into the Fraser Canyon and up to the Continental Divide.

Here is Abbey looking down at the train coming through at the exact time we arrived at the spot. If she was a few years younger I bet she would've run straight down to it.
It was a beautiful morning and I sat at watch the Fraser River flow; I could hear it too.

Daisy loves running around up here; all the wonderful scents of critters. This early there is no one around and Daisy just runs and runs. I love watching her.

She is such a good looking dog.

I also love just watching the sun rise over the mountains in the morning; and that this is in my backyard.

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