Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Cross Country Skiing Adventure in the Fraser Valley

I've started cross country skiing again this week as active recovery from Ironman Arizona. I’ve been skiing at lunch on the Fraser River Trail increasing time each trip. It is such a beautiful trail with Winter Park Resort’s slopes in the distance and then coming back to the Fraser Visitor Center, I see Byers. The first day out was a sunny, bluebird day, then yesterday I missed the sunshine window and when I got out on the trail, in came the clouds and impending storm. However, I took some good pictures of the Fraser River and the dark foreboding clouds.

While I enjoyed the climate in Arizona last week (it was like a Grand County summer in Tempe), I’m glad to be home and getting out on the trails filled with snow. Since I’m still in recovery mode, no running and don’t have any desire to get back on my bike for indoor riding. I think I’ll stick to skiing (downhill and cross country) and hiking with the dogs.

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