Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Who Doesn't Love A Rant

I’m going to copy another blog that starts with “A Rant”. I don’t really have anything to rant about. I’ve been buried in another life these days. I don’t watch the news or even turn on the TV. I try to read my Twitter and Facebook updates from all I follow but time is slipping away each day. I’ve been training for Ironman, working, writing, and most importantly walking my dogs several times a day just to get outside and walk. It’s mud season here at 8,000 feet; my favorite time of year. As we walk around the roads and some-times trails, I see birds flying past me, and fox running across the hills, deer wander around in herds, and the world is coming back to life.

A few days ago I have been seeing the same porcupine in the culvert. Since I’m around children’s books many hours a week, I see all the wonderful, creative children’s book titles, and when I saw the porcupine I instantly thought it would make a great book title: There’s a porcupine in the culvert. The book would be the adventures of a silly, yellow lab trying desperately to get up close to the porcupine. She just wants to smell it and maybe, just maybe, bite into it like a squeak dog toy. There’s no need to keep the ending a secret, she ends up in the vet’s office.

Maybe there is no rant here in my story. Okay, no rant. But I know I could call up ole KO and he’d have one for me. Maybe.

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