Saturday, January 3, 2015

Cold Days in Tucson - Sponsors I Love - Making Plans

Today the temperature will not get warmer than 51 degrees. Ouch
I have to admit I’m not used to this weather since moving to Tucson almost three years ago. I had to cancel my 70 mile planned bike ride and hope to reschedule for tomorrow when the temperature is expect to be at least 60.
Today, I'm reflecting on and analyzing the last 10 years of my endurance and triathlon training life, I feel lucky that I get to train (bike) during the winter now. All summer and fall I was couldn't wait for winter, but now that it is here it’s too cold. Last winter we had two cold days and complained it wasn't a real winter. Two winters ago, my first in Tucson, was just like this winter and it was a shock to my system. 

Today, I will run and I will swim. Swimming outside at this temperature is really enjoyable because the water is much warmer than the air; getting out of the water and getting to the locker room shower is not enjoyable.

This new year is starting off pretty well in terms of triathlon and running despite the cold weather. I feel fortunate to be a part of the Triple Threat Triathlon team

My teammates live all over the country and they inspire me every day. We are an interesting mix of men and women: some super techie data nerds, laid back super athletes, intense, caring, moms, dads, who all love triathlon. We get to try new gear and nutrition, and give our 5 cents to other triathletes who read our blogs and social media posts. Fun times, for sure.
Our team has great sponsors such as Hammer, Under Armour, Rudy Project

TruSox, Roka, and TorHans

Awesome companies with great products for triathletes and endurance athletes.

From a running perspectives, I am thrilled to be accepted to the Pearl Izumi Champions team for running. I love their brand and can’t wait to represent them.

I am a North Face Local writing about my hiking and trail running adventures in Tucson. I love their products and enjoy writing about them while exploring the Tucson desert.

Let the New Year begin. I have so much to accomplish this year. 
On New Years Day I PR'd my 5K run, now I want to get faster and stronger at the marathon and Ironman distances.

I usually have my entire race schedule planned out by now but right now I just have until August 2015 planned. 

Who knows what crazy adventures will happen after that: Leadville, other marathons in the US, trail running, another Ironman. 

I feel blessed to have this great life, my health, my friends and family. Thanks for reading. 

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  1. good article Kristen! I also really like Pearl Izumi stuff. I have some of their bike shorts, love them! also like their bike gloves. hope you can ride tomorrow!