Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Oro Valley Sprint Triathlon - It’s A Dry Heat Race Report

Who races a triathlon in Tucson in July? Crazy triathletes for sure.  It’s A Dry Heat Sprint was a fun race. 

Tucson does indeed have a dry heat but fortunately for triathletes on  July 11, 2015 it was a cool-ish morning with a breeze. 
And, while I overslept and didn’t hear my iPhone alert go off due to the fan that has to stay on all night to keep my house somewhat cool, I still ended up making it to the rolling start on time at the Oro Valley pool.

My friends/co-workers who were also racing were happy to see me. “You would have a lot of explaining to do at work on Monday,” said Sean. 

My swim was slow.
My bike was fast. I practiced riding the course several times. Proof that knowing the course is a benefit.
My run pace seemed slow in the heat but the shaded course helped. I only walked to drink at the turnaround and finished strong.

It was a great race and I plan to do all 3 races in the series next year.

Here is a picture of the Simpleview folks who raced:

2nd Place in My Age Group:

Great race organization by and great prizes:

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