Thursday, June 10, 2010


My Monday's Writer's Group is always filled with surprises. Sometimes Fran Cassidy makes us write on a subject. Somedays Barbara Belnap comes up with an idea that we should all write about. I haven't adhered to any of their grand schemes, yet. I missed a few Mondays, so when I arrived this week and everyone has written about tumbleweeds, I'm interested to hear where this goes.
I guess it shouldn't surprise me, but it did, when Joan Shaw, author of Mountain I Dos and professional muscian, breaks out a piano in writer's group.
She writes about a song about tumbleweed and we sing the song about tumbleweek to her magical piano. I can't remember the song, but we all sang it. Here's Joan and her "take out" piano.
If you are reading this, you should come to Monday Morning Writer's Group. These writers write the most amazing stories.
And it just wouldn't be a writer's group without Jean Miller's amazing outdoor stories with her ending statement (on EVERY story): it's almost true.

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