Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Active.com – not just a website to sign up for events

I discovered activetrainer.com a few months ago and have been recording every workout on it ever since. I already have an active.com ID from all the races I’ve signed up for, so it is easy to go out to the site and create a workout log. Now, I log all my training workouts (including weight training and cross training) on this site (for free).

It not only gives me a sense of accomplishment that I’ve finished workouts (did I mention it is free) but it also allows me to log such esoteric data such as stress level (1-10), sleep quality (1-10), and my personal favorite, Well Being (1-10).

This is the daily option

but there is also a weekly and monthly view. I like the weekly summary to show total hours.

Plus, I can choose an avatar (the graphical representation of a user). This is what I like to think I’m like; even if I’m not.

I’m on a 36 week training plan for Ironman Lake Placid and it’s fun to track my progress; even my weight. There are free training plans and training logs out on the world wide web, and here are my favorites:

Training Plan: SuperCoach

Training Logs: Active Trainer

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