Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Outdoor Adventures Review of My Green Manifesto

I loved My Green Manifesto. I read it on the beach, on the plane, and in the car while on vacation last week in New Hampshire.
Here is my review of the book published in the Sky Hi Daily News:
The new environmentalism: Loving wildness and fighting for your backyardKristen Lodge / Outdoor Adventures

David Gessner writes in My Green Manifesto, Down the Charles River in Pursuit of the New Environmentalism, “We need stories, told outside, told in a way that links activism to beauty, wild beauty. They should be told in the open air so that we remember that loving and fighting aren't two specialties, but one thing.”
Read more by clicking on this link.
I’m going to write more about this book because it’s so important. But if you click on the link and read my column, you’ll get a 600 word review.

I have so much more to say about it so stay tuned.

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