Friday, August 12, 2011

Why you should always carry a spare tube, tools, and a phone on a bike ride

This afternoon I went on an awesome 2 hour bike ride with my friend Kim who is training for Lotoja 2011; a 200+mile bike ride from Utah to Jackson, WY.

She had to bike over 100 miles today as part of her training; I joined her for the last two hours.

Riding west towards Kremmling is a beautiful ride. The light in the canyon and on the cliffs is spectacular. There wasn’t much traffic and the roads were debris free (for the most part).
Cliffs in Hot Sulphur Springs

I haven’t been carrying my tools or spare tubes, mainly because I haven’t been going on longish rides. I don’t carry my cell phone because I’m afraid of breaking it. (Dumb)

At 1 hour 15 minutes into the ride heading west, we turned around. The riding was so perfect; not much wind. I love riding my tri bike. I love being aerodynamic and riding fast.
Just about 7 miles before Granby I got a flat. I knew Kim had a spare so I wasn’t worried. Turns out, she has bigger tires than me. We needed to be saved. I didn’t have my phone so I couldn't call anyone to come get us. Bon was at work. We had to save ourselves before the crazies got us. I panicked (typical). It was getting dark.
Since Kim was so tired, I biked on her road bike back to town, got my car, and picked her up. I was so worried that some crazy would get her so I rode so fast.
I got back to her and she was fine. A State Trooper saw her and pulled over to make sure she was okay. He even offered bug spray. How awesome is that? Does that happen where you live?
Lesson Learned: tube, tools, phone. Always, Always on a ride.

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