Monday, April 2, 2012

Early spring, Colorado 14ers, and bear books

It's an early spring, here in Grand County, and Granby. I hear that trails are dry over near Fraser Canyon. I wore bike shorts and short-sleeved shirt while biking on Sunday. I ran in shorts on Sunday, too. Mountain biking season is going to start much earlier and I’m so excited about it. But then there is hiking.
I started reading Halfway to Heaven: My White-knuckled--and Knuckleheaded--Quest for the Rocky Mountain High.
I’ve never had a goal to hike a 14’er. I’m not sure why. I have so many other goals and hiking is more of an activity I do with my now 11-year-old lab who can’t hike long.

Plus, my boss talks all the time about hiking the big mountains around Colorado – I have the hiking bug. Thank goodness the snow is melting, I think.  

The book is about how a former Denver Post journalist, Mark Obmascik, sets a goal to climb  all 54 Colorado peaks.

Even after reading the first few chapters, I’m hooked on doing some of the mountains. Obmascik reminds me about all the dangers, and all the awesome scenery. He’s out of breath, sore, and I don’t remember that part of hard hikes. I want to remember, so this year I'm going to hike a bit. He's funny, too.

I’m also reading Laura Pritchett’s soon to be released book about bears in Colorado. I’m interviewing her tomorrow since she’s coming to Grand County mid-April to talk about the book.

Pritchett has written several books, articles for 5280 and High Country News, and many others. See my blog post about her article, TheFull Catastrophe.

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