Thursday, April 5, 2012

If you had one week, where would you go

If you could go on any adventure to any country, for one week, where would you go? This is the question I asked my 22 year-old niece, Savannah.
Where do you want to go that you would need a passport to get to?
I’m waiting for her response.

In a few days I’m leaving  on a trip to the Dominican Republic - a place I've never been, a place I know nothing about.
I love travel, and new adventures, but I always get so nervous once a trip gets closer. I’m a worrier, but only when the travel date loomes closer. Planning, no problem. I can plan and organize itineraries, and look forward to seeing new places. But the day before, I panic.
I know Savvy doesn’t particularly like to travel. She likes Maine. She likes her life. But I want her to see the world. Is that wrong? I want to go on an adventure with my fun, cool, smart, awesome niece. I hope she does, too.
I hope she wants to go to Chile, Bora Bora, or perhaps backpacking through France and Spain.

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