Saturday, December 28, 2013

Year in Review 2013

I ride the Casa Grande Century bike ride with my Team Soul cyclists. The temperature starts at 32 degrees. It is so cold but worth it. It makes me feel tough. I probably won’t do that one again in 2014 but will do another GABA Century.

I run my first 50K at Pemberton (click to read race report post). I meet my friend Rosie in Sedona and run a half marathon with her. I don't PR. However, Rosie and I explore Sedona and we have a great time (link to post). I mountain bike with a team of three other women in the 24 hour race at the Old Pueblo. My first 24 hour race. I complete two loops. We are riding again this year and I want to complete four loops.

After trail running at White Tanks in January, (near Phoenix) I sign up for another trail run in these mountains. After running half the distance (race course was 13 miles) I fall three times. I am cut and bruised but continue on. I find out four days later I broke my toe. I am really surprised when the doctor says the Xrays show the big toe is broken. It hurt but broken - really?! - I cry a lot.

Not much running but I swim. After two weeks of not running, I can run again. I begin serious training for the Triple T in Ohio.

I travel to southern Ohio with my friend Joanne on a triathlon adventure. Columbus is confusing, Joanne’s plane is delayed, but we make to the venue on time and have a great race (link to post)

A short trip back to Colorado to get the rest of my personal things from my condo. It is amazing to feel so winded and have such a dry mouth the entire time at 8,000. I never felt that living there. Daisy-dog has a great time off leash and running around. I’m not sure she remembers the place. 

Winnie-dog comes into my life and wrecks havoc with my Ironman training, but I just love her. No more swimming at lunch. Lunch time consists of coming home to give her a crate break. I reconfigure my swimming, biking and running while caring for a puppy and trying to get enough sleep.

One month away from Ironman and my training isn’t going well. My longest bike ride is 55 miles and my feet and back are killing me. I buy new biking shoes and they are stiff. I like them but my feet hurt in a different way - mistake number 3 with my training. 

Ironman Wisconsin (link to race report)

Work, Dogs, and my book is published. The first printing has a lot of typos and errors. The second printing is better. I try to find a venue for a book launch without success. I’m proud of my book and can’t wait to talk about it to a group of people.

I finally start biking and running again but not consistently. I’m frustrated with weight gain and lack of mental clarity. I watch El Tour this year and will add it to my race calendar for 2014. It is fun to cheer on the cyclists in the rain, but I rather ride. I hike my first big peak in the Catalina Mountains Pusch Peak.

I join the YMCA and start swimming again. OMG – it takes three sessions to feel good in the water. I start trail running again in Catalina State Park. I’m afraid of the mountain lions that I know are in the park, but recruit my friend Kassandra to run with me. It’s so fun. I am mountain biking and road riding again with my friends. I join the Triple Threat Triathlon Team (link to post). It is fun to watch and cheer on Tucson Marathon runners, but I will do it next year.

This year has had its ups and downs: work, finances, training, dogs, friends. The one constantly good thing in my life: my family. I sure do love them.

Life is good. I feel fortunate. I pray a lot. I’m thankful for everything I have.

There is so much I want to do in 2014. I want to train and race. Take a graduate level writing class. I want to excel in my job. I want to write and publish. I want to be a better person than I was in 2013.

2014 Life and Athletic Goals:
  • PR on the Half Marathon 2:00 or lower
  • PR on 70.3 course 5:30
  • Hike Mount Lemmon
  • Publish 5 articles in Literary journals
  • Take a graduate writing class at UofA

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