Monday, September 1, 2014

Trilife - I'm back

It feels so good to be back to normal.

Normal meaning swimming, biking, running AND writing. It is really eye opening to see all the limitations with a broken pinky. The simplest tasks pouring, typing, hair brushing are much more difficult,. I still can't make a fist.

However, I'm progressing with triathlon. This week I got on my bike three times. It felt so good to just pedal. I’m staying on roads with bike lanes for the foreseeable future. I crashed on Moore Road which doesn’t have a bike lane. I probably will never bike on that road again.

Getting in the pool this week and swimming without sinking was a big victory, too. I can’t injure or hurt my pinky, I’m just not using my left hand fully which makes all the fingers stiff. I swam 800 yards Saturday and 1000 on Sunday. Feels so good to swim. 

My tri life is back in order. I’m still running more than anything since I have several running races coming up.

In October, a trail half marathon and marathon.
In November, Ragnar Trail Relay and a 50K.
In December, a marathon and perhaps, if training goes well, a 50Miler.

The most important race is May 2015 – Ironman Texas. And if I can get in, November 2015 – Ironman Arizona.
I’m off to meet a friend to run, and then a bike ride – everything is back in order.

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  1. Glad you're back to normal after your injury! Thanks for the reminder about the importance of our pinky fingers!