Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Shoe Review - Topo Athletic MT

I was asked to try the Topo Athletic MT shoe and here is my review of the shoe:

Topo Athletic MT - Women's 11- so pretty. And Winnie-dog didn't eat them.
Where: I wore this shoe on trails and road. I also wore the shoe for two indoor cardio classes

When: In the heat of a Tucson summer.

Trails –
These shoes are best on trail, and shorter distance trail runs.
First, I’m not a small woman: 5’9, 155 llbs on a good day. I love minimalist shoes and have been running on minimalist shoes for two years. A smaller framed woman might feel differently about wearing them for longer distances.  

I really like these shoes because they feel light on my feet. When I run more than 5 miles on trails I fatigue early which leads me to the conclusion that I should wear these shoes on hill repeats and shorter recover runs.

And, I have a bunion on my left foot and the wide toe box is very accommodating.

The Road -
This shoe is primarily a trail shoe however I did run on the road a bit and found that they just weren’t comfortable for me. I noticed a pronation on the foot strike which worried me since I know I pronate; just never saw it until now. Again, a smaller framed woman may feel different.

Indoor Exercise -

Since you have to wear some type of shoe for indoor cardio class, I wore these shoes. I really liked them for the intense cardio class. Since I also have a neuroma on my left foot I need a wider shoe (not wide size).

Overall Grade - B+
I will continue to wear on trail runs and plan to wear them for the Thanksgiving Cross-Country Classic at Reid Park in in Tucson when I want to be FAST. 

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