Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Mental Training – The Long Ride

My mind wanders on a long ride this morning; and it does on short rides, too. I am often staring at the road when I’m in the aero position on my tri bike and gaze at my bike shoes. I look at my socks, my watch, my bike gloves, and try to itch my scalp through holes in my helmet when sweat rolls down my head.

I also think of what to write on my blog and think about writing about my gear and what it all means to me.

My blue Colorado cycling socks were given to me as a gift from my Colorado cycling friend, George Davis. When I wear them I think about the thousands of miles I biked with him over many mountain passes and into Rocky Mountain National Park when I lived in Colorado.  

I’m also wearing my Triple Threat Triathlon top. I'm a member of the Triple Threat National Team. What a great group of triathletes and people. We motivate and inspire each other. And, I hope we inspire others on our Facebook page and blog. Collin Swenson has done an amazing job rounding up these triathletes from all over the country. I’m proud to be part of the team.

I am wearing my Rudy Project aero helmet and sunglasses

My Rudy Project Wingspan helmet truly is the best. It’s so light. I know I should really only race in it but I love riding in it. I cannot wait to see my bike times for Ironman Texas 2015. I also am praying for no wind and cool temps, but alas, I digress.

I’ve been wearing these Rudy Project sunglasses for three years and just love how I can adjust the nose piece so they ride high which is very important when riding in the aero dynamic position on my tribike and looking up. Not many sunglasses are great for triathletes but I love these sunglasses because of this; and I can swap out lenses.

I’ve only recently listened to music while cycling. I wear one earphone on the right so I can hear traffic and other cyclists on the left. I only listen to music while biking alone and it does keep me motivated to cycle fast. I have a Rhapsody account so I pay a monthly fee to download to my mp3 - new music all the time. My current favorite songs to bike and run to:

That Girl is On Fire
Everybody stands, as she goes byCause they can see the flame that's in her eyesWatch her when she's lighting up the night

All I Do Is Win

I really like my Suunto GPS watch. I love how I synch it from my iPhone then log into my Daily Mile account to log miles and time.

On short rides I don’t need much but for the long haul I’m a Hammer Nutrition Perpetuem fan. I also love Recoverite but use it only after hard training days. Today, it’s water and Hammer Gel, Montana Huckleberry.

My skin is suffering from all the years of biking and running outdoors. I’ve upped my SPF to 100 but it doesn't save me from years of sitting on the beach when I was kid. Every day, even on the rare cloudy day in Tucson, sunscreen on my face, neck, arms, and legs. Always.

Bike gloves, Pearl Izumi does it best. Always.

These are the random thoughts about gear and triathlon while cycling around Tucson and Oro Valley Arizona during a beautiful spring morning in March training for Ironman Texas. 

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  1. LMAO that video for All I Do Is Win makes me laugh too hard. I'll have to send you links for the music I listen to right now while running!