Monday, April 13, 2015

Ironman Texas Training Week 6

Week 6 for Ironman Texas is in the books. It was my biggest training week ever. 17 hours 43 minutes.

Here is what it looked like:

All hours are swim bike and run. No yoga. No weights. Although I wish I was able to do it all. Not this week.

Here is the same 6 weeks out training I did for Ironman Arizona in 2010. That week looked like this:

Quite a difference and I hope it pays off in 5 weeks.

While riding my final ride of the week yesterday, Sunday, my back and feet hurt. I was fatigued and every muscle ached. This is the same feeling you get on the final 12 miles on the bike in Ironman. This is the first time I felt this in training so I think that I am doing everything right.

I hope to have a great race time in Texas but I think I will go in with the mind set to finish strong.

My race plan is done and here is a glimpse into some of the plan.