Thursday, April 30, 2015

Breakthrough Swim Training Session 4000 yards

This is where I swim; pretty nice pool at the Northwest YMCA in Tucson.

Yesterday after work I swam for 1 hour 32 minutes for 4,000 yards. 4X1000.
That is 2.2 miles - woo hoo!
It's the longest swim training session to day.
While training for prior Ironman races I never went this long in the pool; looking back I'm not sure why. Whether the training plan didn't call for it or I just didn't have the time.
Regardless, I did the time and hope that it helps me in 2 weeks at Ironman Texas.

Today, Thursday I woke up a bit tired and instead of a bike ride I walked the dogs for an hour.
The plan calls for a track workout today and I'm going to try and do it after work. High temperatures are going to be triple digits so I may have to do it on the treadmill.

All is well in Tucson. Happy Training.

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