Monday, September 7, 2015

Discover the Grand Canyon & Not Racing

The Grandest Canyon of All August 2015
In August I slipped in and out of training mode. Someday I felt great and woke up to swim, bike and run. Other days, I wasn’t feeling it and went to work early. I had the Mountain Man Long Course to look forward to and a trip north to Flagstaff; but wasn't motivated to train hard. I'm not sure why.

Racing and Not Racing
My original plan was to drive up to Flagstaff on Friday, go to the Grand Canyon on Saturday and race the Mountain Man triathlon at Lake Mary on Sunday. After the race drive back to Tucson.
The Monday before the race I called to cancel the hotel and the kennel for the dogs. Tuesday I was changing my mind again. I didn’t run much last week and my longest bike ride completed in a week was 25 miles. I wasn’t ready. I could change to the Olympic distance, I thought.

By Wednesday I knew that it was a good decision not to race but what about the Grand Canyon. I haven’t seen it yet. I knew I wanted to. Always in the back of my mind I think I might not every get the opportunity ever again in this life to do X.
X = see the Grand Canyon, run the Grand Canyon, see the Sierras, hike in the Sierras, go to Spain, go to Italy. I couldn't miss a chance.

Things I Want To Do List
I always tend to do the things that I dream about doing although I do have a terrible track record with canceling, rescheduling, and postponing.
On Friday I was glad I canceled the plans. Rushing from work, dropping off the dogs and driving 5 hours was too much after a busy work week. I just wanted to have a relaxing weekend. 

I woke up Saturday and knew I needed to go to Flagstaff. I needed to race; there was still time. I checked and found a cheap-ish hotels (Flagstaff is popular, and expensive in the summer due to the Grand Canyon). The kennel would take the dogs and I could leave at 4pm.

It was one of the hottest weekend. Heat warnings were all over Arizona.
I drove through Phoenix at the hottest time of day. 

When I got to Flagstaff I checked into my hotel and walked down the street to Cracker Barrel. I ordered a salad to go and at 9pm in my hotel I decided that if I woke up and wanted to race, I’d race. If not, I’d drive to the Grand Canyon.
The Grand Canyon
At 5:45 am I decided to drive the Grand Canyon. There were no cars on the road, no line at the entrance. I drove in and got oriented. The temps were perfect to start: 
I asked questions to rangers, wandered around the South Rim, and watched the movie about the park.

The crowds arrived and it got hotter by the minute.
I headed out of the park around noon knowing that I will be back.

I will hike Bright Angel. I will run Rim to Rim.Now, when I read about the Grand Canyon I can picture it in my mind. The Grand Canyon is one of the western places I want to go back to over and over. 

There is so much to learn and see.

See you Grandest Canyon - I will see you again, soon, very soon. 

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