Monday, August 15, 2016

Rest Days

Sometimes you just need a break. When bad things happen and you are about to lose it, what do you do?
In the past, I would sleep.

Now, I clean, organize and plan my anger and restlessness away.
Once I put everything in order, create piles and TO DO lists, vacuum, and reduce clutter, I’m back to myself.

I had a friend many years ago who wouldn’t go hiking or biking on a Saturday. We tried everything to entice her to come. None of us understood why because she could clean her house any day. It was Saturday; it was time to be outside and play. Plus, her house was so clean anyway.

But now, I get it.
In her mind her life was chaos. Too much to do over the work week and Saturday was her day to restore order with a clean house. 

That is what a rest day is to me now. A true rest day from training and life.
Restore Order

Get Calm

Organize the Chaos

When I don’t schedule in a rest day this is what happens: little things build up, I frantically try to do everything, I yell at my dogs and I hate my life.

Instead of running that 20 mile scheduled run that needed to be done for my upcoming race, I stayed home, planned the next day, ate a healthy dinner, listened to music, and started writing this blog post. 

Order Resorted.

Writing is my outlet. It always has been. I love writing this blog about endurance training, racing, traveling and meeting new people who love the sport. These things truly make me happy.
Despite this nomad life I’ve chosen for myself, including the job changes, injuries and bike crashes, these things are all part of making a great life for myself, and endurance sports and writing are the two constants.
Every year I say I’m giving up triathlon. Every year I say I’ll write my second book. I’m not sure what this next year holds for me. 

Keep reading this blog and we will both find out.  

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