Saturday, September 10, 2016

50 miler, March 25, 2017

First things first: Make a Plan.

27 weeks and 5 days.

Not necessarily in the right order this time but here's what I've done.
1) researched the race and lodging
2) asked Kassandra to join me
3) make a deposit on a hotel room in Mexican Hat, UT

This is what I need to do:
1) train for my first 50 miler
2) finished another 50K (my last one was in 2013)
3) register for the race

3 for 6 - I'm half way there.

Now for the reveal. This is the race:

The Monument Valley 50 mile

On March 25, 2017

Here are some of things people are saying about the race:

At every race, there are many stories to be told. But in the Ultra-Adventures Monument Valley Ultramarathons (100-mile, 50mile, 55km, and 25km), which take place on the sovereign Navajo Nation, the stories can be both ancient and fascinating. It is rare that a race can be both educational and breathtaking. The land and the people of this race have as much character and charm as can ever be experienced in any race. (Source:

nobody complained about the sand. The very challenging running conditions were FAR surpassed by the stunning beauty of the course. The people I talked to were beyond willing to do some sand slogging to drink in the beauty that was surrounding us. We all knew we were surrounded by something amazing, something spiritual, something special. (Source:

We were running on Navajo land, trusted with the privilege to explore a world that is usually off-limits to tourists unaccompanied by a Navajo guide. We savored the peace of the first five miles, past Left Mitten, to the aid station. (Source:

26 week training plan starts Monday.


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