Tuesday, September 6, 2016

A run to the wilderness

Monday was the bestest day ever. Although I paid for it today, Tuesday with too much work.

I woke up on Monday and decided if I'm going to do this Leadville thing I better get used to running above treeline at 11,000 feet.

My first plan was to drive to Berthoud Pass and run / hike to Flora. I forgot about the traffic leaving the valley. As I drove through downtown Tabernash and saw the line of traffic I turned and headed toward Meadow Creek Reservoir. I  didn't bring my map because I was just going to follow the trail from the top of Berthoud. So when I got to Meadow Creek Res I wasn't sure what trail or where to go. I started running the road not sure what was at Junco trailhead.

I was pleasantly surprised to see Bob Saint from the Grand County Wilderness Group manning the cabin. I knew about the cabin and I knew about the group. I just didn't really understand where it was. He was awesome, gave me a few options for a hike and off I was.

I decided on Caribou Pass since it was a little harder with more incline.

I make great decisions about 79 percent of the time. This was one of them. What a great/hard hike/run. Once I got above treeline and saw those freaking high peaks - I knew I made the right decision about Leadville.

I've been road biking and road running for so long - since 2008. It was time to get back to my 18-year-old roots - hiking in the mountains. Or in this case running in the mountains.

Why the heck have I never been up here. Caribou Pass was spectacular - rocks, crags, Continental Divide - seriously - I haven't felt so alive in so long. I haven't felt the AWE in so long.

Caribou Pass sign

The view looking south
Heading back down to Junco

The view looking northeast.

Don't forget to pay the day pass fee.
Here is the link to Movescount.

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