Sunday, September 30, 2012

Arizona surprises me, every day

I laugh to myself when I see a jack rabbit run so quickly across the street when I’m walking my dog, Daisy. She wants so badly to chase it.

When I hear a bird in the distance, look up, and it’s sticking its head out of the top of a Saguaro.

I love to see the flowering plants and trees. The desert is blooming; it’s not just flat dirt. There are trails to run, and roads to discover. I want to know them all.

On Saturday I biked to the top of Mt. Lemmon, the highest point in the Santa Catalina Mountains. The peak is 9,157 feet. The road to the top is called the Catalina Highway. I didn't really notice the curves in the road on the climb up (8,000 feet of climbing, by the way). On the ride down, biking at about 35 mph, I noticed the curves and it was fun to go fast. Apparently the road has been used by professional cyclists for training. Runner compete in an annual marathon climb, I can’t imagine running up this road.  

I was glad to see pine trees and a lush forest about half way up, and cool temperatures. At the almost top is a ski area. There were a few Aspen trees scattered around the ski area.
At the very top is the Mount Lemmon Observatory. It is only open for special events, closed when I was there.

I'm also trying to do all 101 Things to Do In Tucson according to the Tucson CVB.
Mt Lemmon, and Beat the Heat is Number 11

Just another way that Arizona surprises me every day. As I drive home from the ride, and see the mountains surrounding the city, they serve as a reminder that I have more places to explore and know. 

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