Saturday, September 29, 2012

Chrissie Wellington and Motivation

According to Chrissie Wellington, the 3 most precious faculties
1.       Remain positive
    2.       Stay focused
      3.       Stay disciplined

        I just finished reading her book, A Life Without Limits. I thought of these three faculties while swimming today. 

        The first five minutes in the pool I felt tired and not motivated. I felt blah. 
        I wanted to stop and go home. Then, I remembered what Chrissie said. Remain Positive.  
        When your mind keeps saying over and over - I'm tired. I should stop, then the body will stop. 

        When I turned off the negative self talk, and started thinking about other things, my pace picked up and I felt better. I couldn't freestyle the swim plan, which was 500 wu. 3X400, 4X50 fast. I just mixed up the swimming, kicking, paddle, pull buoy and enjoyed the water and sun. 

        As I kicked on my back, I looked up to the blue, blue sky without a cloud in sight and watched a bird soar above me. I finished my one hour in the pool, but just not with the original workout. 

        I am thankful to live in paradise. The last 15 years I thought every place I lived was paradise, and it's no different here in Tucson, where a warm breeze drifts through my windows reminding me, there will be no frost tonight. Ha - triathlon training year-round, babe!  

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