Saturday, April 23, 2016

Wind, Hail, Rain, Music, Spinning, Swimming - not in that order

Saturday, April 23 - Grand County, Colo.
I don't always write in AP Style on my blog but I try, sometimes.

Today, someone who will remain nameless, came up to me and the first thing out of his mouth was NOT:  "Hi Kristen. How are you today? What's new?"
It was:
"Wow two typos on the front page."
It's always good to know when I make mistakes but really? What happened to leading with a good comment to follow with "what the heck happened?"
Mistakes will always be made since we are human and not robots.
Every mistake I made is not repeated in future editions.

I went to Winter Park Resort to take photos of the participants in Springtopia (aka closing month of the resort). People love to dress up and laugh and dance.

As for me, I was happy to capture the happiness digitally.

Training Update:
Winter Training Spin class at Mountain Life Fitness. 75 hard minutes of spinning equivalent to three hours on the bike. 45 minutes swim at the Fraser Rec, 1500 yards. Five minute run in the rain with the dogs.

Favorite quote of the day, and I do believe.

And then blog about it, LOL.

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