Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Colorado in October - it's a good place to be

Ironman Arizona is just five weeks away. It seems like only yesterday I signed up. Well, now it's very close. This week is a 21 hour training week (a part time job). I actually feel good; not too tired. My body seems to be adapting to the longer training runs and bike rides.
Tomorrow is a 6 hour bike ride; still don't know what route I'll take but the weather is looking good so far, highs of 55.

There is still only snow at 10,000 feet so I'm feeling fortunate that there is none at 8,000 feet where I live so I can still ride outside.

Life is good and this is a great place to be.

Life seems to be handing me so many great things right now. I will be writing about Snow Sports in the Rocky Mountain West for this winter and my writing class in Denver is amazing. There are others things, too, but I won't gush here.

For now, riding and running outside, listening to the crunching of leaves and the cool mountain air, all remind me to be thankful for a good life.

Tonight, I look back at where I was a year ago, writing the story about Ironman and training outside in wind, snow, rain, cold. Here is the column from last year:
Anything is Possible.

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