Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Living in Vacation Land has its rewards

Just about a year ago, my Aunt Nancy and Uncle Tim came to Colorado to visit me. One of the most fun things we did was go to Rocky Mountain National Park to see the elk bugling. I had never heard the elk bugle, or even know what it meant, until they visited and we went to the park.

I didn’t go this year to see the elk, Nancy and Tim didn’t come to see me this year.

Here is the column I wrote last year about their visit.

One of the benefits of living in vacation land is being a tourist in your own town when family visits and exploring the place you call home. Last week Nancy and Tim came to Grand County to visit me. I wanted to show off my town and give them a Rocky Mountain vacation they would remember.

They were on their own for the first two days while I worked. Trail Ridge Road stayed closed due to snow so they spent their afternoons in the Kawuneeche Valley watching the elk and searched for moose. I joined them after work. When I arrived, they knew exactly where to take me; we stood at the edge of Harbison Meadow and watched the elk through binoculars until dark. I became amazed at the elk as I stood next to the family from Oklahoma transfixed, as they were, at these majestic animals.
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