Monday, November 17, 2014

After a DNF

Whenever I failed at something (which is a lot) I have a few days of recovery, sadness and indecision, then I snap back and get back in the game.

On Saturday I dropped out of the Colossal Cave 50k (which was really 34.4 miles or 55K) at mile 24. My legs were dead and I couldn’t run another 10. I kept hitting my toe on rocks and stumbling, but not falling. I knew I could become seriously injured if I continued.

The 50k was my A race. I’ve been training for it since my bike crash.

And, I didn’t finish.

The week leading up to the race I was considering not doing it; even the day before I was thinking about rolling my registration. However, I’m glad I started but I’m struggling with coming to terms with dropping out of the race.

I had the training plan and while I didn’t follow it exactly, I did a lot of it. This has worked for me in the past but this time it blew up in my face.
The last month leading up to the race I didn’t do Saturday/Sunday long runs but I did do long back to back runs the first two months of the training plan.
I didn’t run on the terrain similar to the race during the last month; I ran on trail a lot during the first two months of the training plan.
The six weeks leading up to the race I was running consistently and feeling good while running. I just didn't do what I needed to do for a trail run on rocky terrain.

Saturday just wasn’t my day.

I know everything I did wrong and how to fix it for the Grand Canyon Rim to Rim run in March.

  • I know I need a gear change.
  • I need to try a different running shoe. I’ve tried the minimal shoes and the zero drop. I will go back a better padded, more support running shoe. (Suggestions, anyone?!)
  • I want to try different running shorts. (less chafing thank you very much)
  • I need to follow a trail running plan consistently. 

Trying to turn this negative into a positive isn’t very difficult when you are a committed life long endurance athlete. That is what I am. I love new challenges, new trails, and new places.

I still want to do it all and see it all.

The best part of Saturday’s race:
The scenery on the Arizona Trail is spectacular. The trail has the best single track I have ever run on in Arizona.  

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The second best part of the race was the organization of the race. Thank you to Kristi (she and her husband were in charge of the aidstations) for driving me back to the start. The aid station volunteer were amazing, from taking my CamelBak and filling it to the brim, to the awesome peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.

The Colossal Vale 50/50 is a great race. I will finish this race next year. 


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  1. You WILL finish next year, Kristen! It was great to talk to you in the car. Love your attitude about the race.