Sunday, November 2, 2014

Oceanside – Lifetime Tri Race Report

Lifetime Tri puts on a great triathlon.
On Saturday the pros gave a talk and 3 Race Tips from Andy Potts were used during the race:

  • Swim:  Be sure the tips of your fingers hit the water first
  • Bike: Remember high cadence
  • Run: Stand tall
I remembered all these tips as I entered the calm, ocean bay on Sunday October 26. I have never competed in a triathlon in the ocean and since it was in a bay I didn’t worry. However, I forgot about swallowing ocean water; that took a while to get used to.

Once I was out of the water the bike was fast. It has been many years since I’ve race an Olympic distance triathlon and I biked this course faster than on any recent training rides – so fun!!!  This is what I was thinking as I was biking:

     I am a triathlete. I get so much joy from swimming biking and running. Thank you to all my friends and family who travel, train and race with me ! What a great life.

The run was by the ocean and it was an AWESOME course! Some of the waves were crashing over the rocks and I had to avoid the water. Aid stations were great. The entire day was overcast and the temperature was perfect for racing. 

Oceanside Pier
A perfect race day and I love Oceanside, California. I’ll be back for this race. For. Sure.

My work mug to remember an awesome race. 

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